The Best Led Lamps for Indoor Growing

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The choice of led lamps from indoor cultivation will be fundamental for the start and success of your home cultivation. In fact, without an adequate light source your plants will not be able to express their full potential and in the worst case they could face certain death. Now that you know the importance of light for plants, we will explain how to choose the best led lamp for growing in a grow box.

Led lamps vs Hps lamps, which are the best for indoor cultivation?

Millions of growers around the world are still asking the question “better Led or Hps for indoor cultivation?”. Today it is an almost obvious question and without a related problem, so we will analyze all the aspects of these lamps so different and special.

Indoor growing HPS lamp

Grow Lights HPS:

The high pressure sodium lamps, abbreviated HPS lamps, have always been considered the most suitable devices for grow box lighting. These lights have extraordinary power, ranging between 75 and 4,000 watts, have the best level of CCT for growth, and emit many lumen. In the market you can find products of various sizes and shapes, which makes the selection very diverse.

Advantages of HPS lights

  • In general, HPS bulbs increase yield.
  • The HPS lighting system requires an initial investment much lower than the LED lighting system.
  • The HPS product itself is now standardized, which makes the final result easy to understand and foresee.
  • They are very powerful and there is no doubt that plants receive high intensity light.

LED Grow Lights:

LED lights appeared in the ever-changing world just a few years ago, and their inception was rather unstable. They are introduced to the market as new devices capable of increasing yield. Since their appearance, LED lights have come a long way and are now capable of withstanding the test of HPS lighting systems. The main problem that continues to damage the image of LED lights today is their wide range of models.

Indoor LED grow lights

Advantages of LED Grow Lights

  • Most modern LED lights are of such high quality that they emit the same quality/intensity as light from HPS.
  • The LED light emits an extremely low heat, so low that it does not need ventilation to lower the temperature.
  • They offer very high energy efficiency and don’t require the crazy costs of electricity like HPS. You will save your bills without arousing suspicion.
  • LED Grow Lights have a long lifespan, ranging from 50,000 to 100,000 hours.
  • Many growers find that LED lights can promote better yield development by increasing the effectiveness of the final product.
  • The LED luminaires tend to be small in size and require neither a power supply nor a reflector (takes up less space).

Best LED Lamps for Indoor Growing, what are the Professional Grow Leds?

Indoor Grow Lights: Pure Led

The Pure Led grow lamps are confirmed as the best on the market also for the 2021/2022 season. Their fame derives mainly from their power and their light spectrum extremely similar to that of natural sunlight. They can also cover a large growing area which can include a large number of indoor plant specimens. What are the best Pure Led lamps for indoor cultivation?

Pure Led 645W Grow Lights

Pure led 645w grow light for indoor growing

This is the excellence of world-class grow lamps, thanks to this light for growing in grow boxes you can achieve very high yields , obviously at a very low energy consumption. The Pure Led 645W Led panel is known for its refined and original design and is made with durable materials to keep it stable when placed on top of the sowing area. Its diodes collaborate with brands such as Meanwel and Samsung, making it a premium product with superior technical characteristics compared to products already on the market. The innovative passive cooling system allows for completely silent operation without a fan. full spectrum illumination for the entire crop cycle from germination to harvest, including far red and ultraviolet (UV) diodes for optimal development.
Intensity can be adjusted in 5 levels (0-25-50-75-100%) with a button.

Indoor grow lamp in grow box

Pure Led Q320 Led Lights

Pure Factory is an internationally renowned brand famous by growers all over the world and its stadium will never leave us indifferent. On this occasion, the surprising addition to the pure “Q” of its catalog of LED spotlights, the indoor growth characteristics of the greatest advances of specific luminaires. A technological miracle at your internal service. With the launch of the “Q” series, Pure Factory has led high-end farmers to grow with less resources or less space. With three small models, it gives us the opportunity to grow in a small space with LED technology at a very reasonable price. Thanks to pure LED these obstacles are solved because the price is very affordable and the technology has made an enormous evolution process, allowing us to obtain an incredible output quality spectacular.

Conclusion, What is the best Pure Led Light for Indoor Growing?

Two grow lamps in grow box : Pure Led 645W and Pure Led Q320 very similar but completely different in power. In fact, the 645W Lamp will cover a much larger area than the Q320 Light having a much higher wattage, and will also produce much wider yields. But despite this, if you do not intend to aim for the Pure Led 645W the best choice will always be the Led Q320 (320W), with very high yields in grow boxes of any size!

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