Pure Led 480W and PureLed Q320, which Grow Light to Choose?

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The fundamental differences between two LIGHT EMITTING DIODE grow lamps with a very similar appearance. As they say, never judge a book by its cover, in fact these two grow lights offer extremely different characteristics but unique of their kind and inimitable from any other type of led lamp. Read our informative article for further clarification and proceed to the choice of your professional grow light.

Indoor Pure Led 480W grow light

What is the Pure Led 480W Grow Light for?

This fantastic lamp for indoor growing has the fundamental ability to accompany from the germination phase to the end of the phase of flowering and the subsequent drying your indoor plants.

Pure LED 480W combines high performance with original and practical design, but still remains durable and stable. Diodes and reactances with superior characteristics produced by Samsung and Mingwei make this LED lamp one of the most powerful and reliable lamps on the market. Modern passive cooling systems enable completely silent operation without fans and other moving parts.

Pure LED 480W provides full spectrum lighting for the entire crop cycle from germination to harvest, including far red light and ultraviolet diodes for optimal plant development. The light intensity can be adjusted in four levels (25%50%75 %100%), so that the device has versatility and practicality.

Technical Characteristics Pure LED 480W

  • PPF: 1311.9 mol / s;
  • Efficiency: 2.75 mol / J;
  • Dimensions: 916 x 914 x 90 mm;
  • Input voltage: 100-277 V, AC;
  • LED: Samsung SMD2835, Honglitronics;
  • Driver: Meanwell;
  • Beam angle: 120º;
  • Life: 50.000 h.
PURE LED Q320 (320W), grow light at home

PureLed Q320, Led Grow Lights

The LIGHT EMITTING DIODE Q ” series has 3 models, which are best suited for single growers with limited space.

The planting area recommended for Q150 is 60×60 cm, for Q240 it is 90×90 cm and for Pure Led Q320 the maximum is 120×120 cm. The device provides for the gradual manual and continuous adjustment of the light intensity. It’s lightweight and has no moving parts, so it’s completely silent.

The spectrum of light for the entire life cycle from germination to harvest is complete, guaranteeing optimal plant development from start to finish.

PureLED Q320 technical data

  • Dimensions: 532 x 537.5 x 68.5 mm;
  • Weight: 5 kg;
  • Input voltage: 100-277 V, AC;
  • Consumption: 320 W;
  • Protection against ‘humidity: IP65;
  • LED: Samsung SMD2835, Honglitronics SMD3535;
  • Efficiency: 2,5 mol / J.
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