Indoor Growing Guide

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All the best world-class growers started their profession fraudulently because they didn’t have a good guide on how to get started. Therefore, we at Eureka Grow Shop have decided to train new growers capable of reaching very high levels. Keep reading this indoor growing guide to become a true professional grower.

Seeds for indoor cultivation

Choice of the Ideal Seed

Obviously, before starting a perfect home cultivation we will have to choose the best quality seeds. The importance of buying high quality seeds lies in the fact that if we are to plant poor quality seeds, our plantation will finish even before it starts. In fact, poor quality seeds will never grow at their best and generate “sick plants”, or often do not even germinate. Therefore, if you want to undertake an indoor cultivation in the best way we recommend the choice of excellent seeds.

Indoor Seed Germination

The germination of indoor seeds is a fundamental process to be carried out in the best possible way for the good of our cultivation. There are various methods to choose for strong and healthy plants. One of the main and most used methods is germination in rock wool or simply in the ground using an excellent quality growing medium.

Indoor Germination Rules

Indoor seed germination in glass of water

The main rule for being successful at this stage of the seed is to have a lot of patience. Patience will be essential to avoid stressing the seeds and letting our crop die even before starting it.

Germination in a glass of water

Indoor germination in a glass of water is the most used by growers, only half a glass of warm water will be needed. The seeds will then be inserted for a maximum of 24 hours, after which we can gently extract them (using gloves or tweezers) and place them under an inch of earth and then cover them. After 5-10 days the seedlings will sprout and emerge.

Indoor seed germination in moist paper towels

Germinating seeds in paper towels

Another method of indoor germination involves a handkerchief or paper towel moistened with warm water. The seeds will be placed inside this wet handkerchief (spaced apart) and it will have to be folded with the seeds inside. After 3-4 days you can always place them under an inch of soil and cover them.

The Vegetative Phase of Indoor Plants

The vegetative growth phase of plants grown indoors in the grow box will be the period in which the seedlings will start to grow at their best and develop abundant foliage to then prepare for what will be the flowering phase. The important thing during the vegetative period of the plants will be that of fertilization; in fact, after about three weeks of life we will have to start administering specific nutrients to our seedlings and in particular rich in Nitrogen (N). For plants grown indoors during the vegetative phase we will have to keep the grow lamps on for a total of 18 hours a day and 6 hours of darkness. It is always better to use some fantastic rooting gel to allow the plants to make their roots better (stronger, more resistant, safer to possible parasites and faster).

indoor cultivation guide seedlings

The Indoor Flowering Period

The flowering phase of indoor plants will start when (after 2 months to 2 and a half months) of vegetative growth we set the grow lamps to 12 hours of daily light and 12 hours of darkness. In fact, the reduction of the hours of light will push it to bloom, so this will be a key step. During the indoor flowering period we will have to give the seedlings fertilizers rich in Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K), thanks to this we will produce at best. After another 2 months or so of the flowering phase, the plants will be ready for the final harvest.

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