Grow Lights, how many Watts do you need to Grow Indoors?

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Indoor grow lights are a key factor in allowing indoor plants to grow and flower at their best. So this is a very delicate and extremely important choice, especially as regards the wattage of indoor grow lamps. Read this informative article to find out all the details and become a true professional indoor grower!

The Importance of Light in Indoor Cultivation

Outdoor cultivation sunlight lighting

The light for indoor plants plays a fundamental role, without it the plants will face certain death. For a growing in grow box, the power of the grow lamps will be of extreme importance to make your seedlings grow and flower at their best. There are many indoor growing lamps on the market, but only a few are perfect for home growing and can give your plants all the power they need.

How many Watts does it take to grow indoors?

LED grow light for indoor growing in a grow box

Understanding the importance of watts is essential when choosing the perfect light for growing at home. The wattage also depends on the grow light you intend to install, in fact there are differences in all this that should not be overlooked.

LED Grow Lights

The led grow lights for indoor growing are extremely powerful lamps with a light spectrum very similar to the natural one of the sun. So to grow in grow boxes with LED lamps you will need at least 100w effective for a good cultivation; on the other hand, if you intend to push the yields to the maximum and produce as much as possible you will need LED lights of at least 200w. Obviously, the higher the effective wattage, the more the seedlings will produce.

Hps grow light for growing in indoor grow rooms

HPS and CMH (LEC) Grow Lights

As for the CMH and HPS grow lights, these are indoor grow lights very powerful that emit abundant heat in the grow tent, they are perfect for winter periods to warm up the environment. With the HPS and CMH grow lights (also called LEC) it is possible to grow indoors starting from 200w, instead, if you want to produce as much as possible you will need to focus on 400w, 600w and 1000w grow lamps.

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