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At Eureka Grow Shop you can start your indoor cultivation with professional equipment at a low price. We are the leaders of indoor cultivation thanks to our first quality products, so as to grow extremely productive plants.

Complete Autoflowering Led Grow Box Kit

Using grow kits saves time and money, we are proud to announce that in our grow shop you can buy a wide range of complete grow kits, choosing the components of the kit yourself.

Complete grow box indoor kit

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Thanks to our experience that has lasted for more than 7 years and our professionalism, we have confirmed ourselves among the best grow shops in Europe, and the best in all of Barcelona.

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We boast an extremely complete catalog of grow boxes with more than 6 top quality and internationally renowned brands.

Grow box economica

Discover our discounts on indoor grow lamps, LED, HPS, LEC, MH, CFL, HID. The best world famous brands now available!

Led lumatek zeus 465w compact pro Indoor cultivation in grow box

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