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Discover our wide range of grow boxes to start your fantastic indoor cultivation. There are numerous brands starting from Secret Jardin (Dark, Hydro Shoot, Lodge), up to Pure Tent and Mammoth. These are grow tents of top quality with a smaller size for the more discreet indoor growers to huge grow cabinets for all farmers with available space that will allow them to grow a large number of plants.

In our immense catalog there are an almost unlimited number of indoor grow lamps, of all possible and imaginable variants. Starting from the classic HPS lamps, to move on to MH, CMH (LEC), CFL up to the brand new LED lamps. All this with only top quality brands such as LUMATEK, GAVITA, PHILIPSPURE LIGHT, etc.

The brand new PURE LED Grow Lights, having great world fame thanks to their super efficiency and power, as well as being low consumption energetic. Available in six different powers.

All the best FERTILIZERS for growing indoors are available in our vast Eureka Grow empire! The best brands and the most efficient, such as Plagron, Ghe Flora, Biobizz, and many others, at a affordable and accessible price to the public. In addition to this, there are also numerous SUBSTRATES of high quality that will allow you to undertake a perfect cultivation in the best way.

Our products, including Grow Boxes, Grow Lights, Fertilizers, Grow Kits, Vaporizers, etc are all high quality, totally new and supplied with a delivery guarantee. Order from us to receive numerous promotions and discount coupons over time.

Our Grow Shop Eureka is located directly in the heart of Barcelona, in Catalunya. But we are closer to you than you think! Place an order and thanks to our super couriers it will arrive directly at your home in very little time!

Do you need advice or clarification before purchasing a product? No problem, our customer service via WhatsApp +39 3463229342  is available 24/24h.

Our fantastic Team of Experts Eureka will not only help you choose the perfect items for your crop, but on request will be able to help you (totally free) to grow your fantastic plants, contact us!

In our catalog there are also numerous LIGHTING KIT, that is kits containing grow lamps and all the accessories necessary to adapt them to the best grow box and finally start growing indoors with fantastic results! Thanks to our LIGHTING KIT you will save time and money and you will start growing indoors as soon as possible. Contact our team of experts to get any advice you need.

In our Grow Shop Online there are numerous accessories and tools for growing indoors, outdoors and hydroponics, such as extractors, The pH Controller, the Pots and Subpots, the Nebulizers, Scissors for Pruning, Seeds counting machine, etc.

Discover our fantastic Head Shop featuring unique and inimitable vaporizers and accessories that will revolutionize your smoking sessions! The DynaVap Vaporizers present exclusively in our Grow Shop at a low price, are among the best on the market. Their fame derives primarily from their high quality and robustness.


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